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a  collision of alternative rock, live painting and architecture  





                                                 THE HERALD

WATCH SHORT SHAMANIC  DOCUMENTARY                             BELOW:

SHAMANIC is produced by The AniMotion Show

   The AniMotion Show was created by  Maria Rud   

                         WATCH the short reel below

The concept is best known for the epic live shows with the renowned percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie.

The AniMotion Show was launched with Evelyn, featuring Rebecca Tavener's Canty at The National Museum of Scotland.

Since then, The AniMotion Show, presented by Aurora Nova, toured in the UK, the USA , China and Europe

Shamanic was created by Maria Rud & Fay Fife and took the show into a new realm.


The line-up:



    spoken word : RULA LENSKA 



(The Rezillos):                                 vocals +theremin



Maria Rud

( artist):                                           paints +brushes



(The Cramps, The Bad seeds)             guitar +vocals


(the FILTHY TONGUES)                           Guitar+vocals


MIKE BAILLIE                                drums  +percussion

(The SKIDS):




Chris Agnew                       BASS

(The Rezillos):                                                        


DJ. DOLPHIN BOY:                         electronics 


Shamanic producers: Morag Neil, Maria Rud, Fay Fife & Martin Metcalfe

Shamanic Projection : WARPRO

             Shamanic Sound Engineer: David Coyle

               Shamanic Technical Director : Iain White 



Shamanic Overseer : Ewan Allinson



SHAMANIC  was launched within, and upon, the cloistered walls

of Edinburgh Old College Quad


 A horned creature is projected in mid-leap across the full back wall of The Robert Adam designed Old Quad at the opening of this multi-media spectacular, which set live paintings by Russian artist Maria Rud against a psychedelic soundtrack by a Scots-American supergroup.


Created by Rud and Rezillos singer Fay Fife under the banner of The AniMotion Show, the night is ushered in by the tribal rhythms of DJ Dolphin Boy.

Rud stands to one side leaning busily over her instant creations, wiping away the image of the beast as she conjures a gothic looking backdrop into being. Her hand and head bob into view on the wall as if she’s manipulating the creepiest of doll’s houses.

Into the darkness below steps majestic-looking former Rock Follies star Rula Lenska, who lends her fruity cut-glass tones to a reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s epic poem, The Raven.

As she departs, extravagantly caped former Cramp and Bad Seed Kid Congo Powers is joined by Fife and a black-clad Martin Metcalfe of The Filthy Tongues and Goodbye Mr Mackenzie. The rhythm section of Rezillos bassist Chris Agnew and Skids drummer Mike Baillie completes the line-up of what could be a Hammer horror house-band let out from some Haight-Ashbury crypt for the night to whip up an unholy musical storm.

Fife plays trippy organ and theremin, snarling her dervish-like way across the Old Quad steps, her voice erupting with hitherto undiscovered Grace Slick style dimensions. With the band raising their hands to meet their maker, Lenska appears for another recitation. As diabolical iconography appears behind, jungle drums ramp up the Juju, with Powers incanting lasciviously like a defrocked hellfire preacher. Garage-band wig-outs rumble, bump and grind behind him to conclude a monumental after-hours experience.

                                                                                                   Neil Cooper


                                                    THE HERALD


photo: Douglas Robertson


photo: Douglas Robertson

The Animotion Show

In Association with RIP IT UP by         

The National Museum of Scotland


National Museum Of Scotland
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